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The Designer

Born in Corsica , French with Brasilian origin,  Saveria  Geronimi found  her passion for jewellery through her family. She grew up in an  artistic environment: her sister is a painter, her brothers  are musicians and both parents have a wealth of creativity and artistic  skills.


Saveria started designing and making jewellery and accessories at the  age of 14.She is a self taught Artist/Jewellery Designer and has been making jewellery for over 10 years.  After developing her skills and creativity, using  different materials she began to make her own beads.

She  then started designing and making fashion and costume jewellery /accessories in France for theatres and musicals.She has also designed for many discerning brides.


In 2004  she moved  to London and has been working  as a Freelancer from her  own studio. 
One year later she had the privilege to exhibit and sell her first collection at the famous  Kohsamui boutique, in Convent Garden.


Saveria  teached for 7 years in London, she has been running her jewellery classes at Crisis Skylight - an activity centre dedicated primarily to people who have or are still experiencing homelessness and  people from all walks of life.

In 2006.Her own brand "Germès créateur Bijoux" was born 


After various Jewellery Making Training Courses in London,she specialised in Silver Jewellery.


Today Saveria continue to develop her own unique style,  mastering her chosen techniques. She makes editions limited collection, bespoke pieces and design collections of  jewellery for Labouddica boutique in London spitafield. 









Her mains inspirations are  from observing people, sexy vintage inspired fashion, nature, photography, Her work is also influenced  by things that affect her life, architecture and the Arts.


" I have always lived in a fantasy world and create story in my mind  ...the real world and interaction we live in have always seems so boring and empty to me.

I draw inspiration when I travel most of the time or when listening music, I guess this is where my imagination comes alive and shape each piece".




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