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Jewellery Care

How do I care for and clean my jewellery?


Silver will naturally tarnish and lose its shine when exposed to the atmosphere.

When not being worn silver is best kept in a jewellery box or bag to reduce exposure.

If your jewellery does require cleaning I recommend you use a polishing cloth. These are readily available at most jewellers or hardware stores.


The best way to prevent this is by wearing it !


Always !

• Keep your jewel in its own storage box; sterling silver like other precious metals can oxidize with time.

• Use a paste, liquid, polishing cloth intended for use on silver

• Or you may simply wash the jewel with warm water, rubbing in little soap or toothpaste, rinsing and dry it with a fine soft cloth.

• Wipe your beads with a damp cloth after wearing them; otherwise their lustre will become dull.



Never !

• Don't use tissue paper and towels to clean your jewellery

• Don't go swimming with your jewellery on 

• Don't do any physical activities with your jewellery on.

• Don't spray perfume or body lotions on your pieces of jewellery

• Don't clean your jewellery with abrasives, ammoniac...)

• Don't store your jewellery in the bathroom.

• Don't Wear your jewellery overnight or put it under your pillow.

• Store your jewellery in a same box with others jewels.

• Don't Wear your jewellery when working with household cleaner.





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