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My workshop/studio is based in Corsica ,I work mainly in precious metals 925 Sterling Silver.


My work is individually handmade employing traditional silversmithing techniques such as ; Annealing, Engraving, Planishing, Polishing, Soldering, Raising, and drilling.


Also I use a traditional hand engraving that can includes your names or a special date, i can also write a saying, a phrase from a poem or song, what ever expresses your feelings is possible!


Some of my pieces are hammered and polished, to a shinny or matt finish, I also uses gemstones, Swarovski crystal, copper wood, and leather.









The workshop


Saveria' s collections are always limited editions and designs are either "one-off" which are sold as exclusive pieces in France and London.Commissions are undertaken for boutiques and individual clients.





The good quality of Germès creations is a priority; each piece is individually designed and handmade by Saveria Geronimi with care and attention to detail, using quality components.

All Silver jewellery is made from sterling silver - 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

Why 92.5% silver ?

Silver is a very soft metal and 100% pure silver is not suitable for jewellery because it is too soft and would easily bend and go out of shape that why silversmithing use 7.5% (allow) usually copper. Pieces of jewellery are much stronger wont go out of shape and will last much longer.





UK law requires any sterling silver product over 7.78 grams in weight to be hallmarked by one of the four UK independent Assay Offices.

A legal UK hallmark consists of three compulsory punch marks:

- Sponsor's mark : unique Germès Designs mark is ' GS '
- Metal and fineness (purity) mark
- Assay office mark


Germès  is registered with London Assay Office. Handmade silver jewellery  over 7.78 grams in weight  is sent to the Assay Office for independent testing and hallmarking as required by UK law.

You can find more information about hallmarking on the London Assay Office website:



Note that Most silver items will not be automatically hallmarked unless their weight over 7.78 grams .







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