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What people think about Germes's jewellery ...       



I bought  for my wife one of your Crystal ball ring at  the Spitafield "s Boutique  and she loves it,  can't wait to see  your new collection specially with the crystal ball. Kind Regards.


Thanks  Saveria for designed my beautyful  shoulder necklace everybody 's telling me  I look so sexy  when  I wear it  !
Kelly Fox 


Thanks a lot for my special order, I can't wait to see your new collection . All the best !
Karl Andson 


Thanks Saveria for your excellent work, I look foward to hearing from you next season.
Alesia Roubarb 


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Thank you so much again for your efforts it is a really important day for me the jewellery set looks perfect with my dress!

Catherine Blut 


I couldn't find in any shop a bracelet I could wear any time and that would match my way of life. I got the chance to meet Saveria and she made this bespoke bracelet that never leaves my wrist. Very soon afterwards I placed an order for a special occasion (a wedding), a necklace that had to match my dress, and it was a complete success. Elegant and funky at the same time,  I am definitely a Germes fan.
Karine ka


Thank you very much,I received the bracelet today in it's pretty box !


Thank you again for your wonderful jewellery work. I will definitely get back to you soon. I will have a little chat with my African friend; I think she will love your work as well!
Susanne Custodis 


You are very gifted lady to have designed such a lovely thing and beautifully presented too. Very many thanks and kind regards.
Lynne Willcok 






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