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Bespoke pieces   Handmade from A to Z
A bespoke jewel can be imagined from an existing design by making somes changes ( of metal , size, form ... ) or  if you have a clear idea of the design you want a sketch can be made on paper in order to have an idea of the future form of  the the piece.


Saveria can work in colaboration with you to find the materials and form that will suit you best 

Let her know your wishes , inspiration and budget desired so that she can offer different ideas of designs and sketches.

If you already have a sketch of your futur piece but you're not sure? she can help you and guide you to add shapes and bring some modifications by using her experience and inspirations.

Sketches will be offered to the clients


Once the sketch is valided  and agreded with the designer and the clients a time needed to make the piece will be given, the realization of the future jewellery will start.




Techniques used to make a piece of jewellery

The sketch's idea will be copied on tracing paper in order to be transfered on  the metal sheet (silver, copper gold).

Once all the elements are ready , a long, meticulous and precise manual work will begin ( Drilling, soldering , forging , heating , filing , hammering , engraving ..)


By repeating several times the same steps, the metal becomes dirty, dark with soldering residues, it is deformed and heated, it must be cleaned  with traditional tools every time a sheet of metal  is added and solder on it.


The jewel is polished first manually and at last with a special polishing hand machine to make a glossy or a matt finish .


Last stage, the jewelry is stamped with a 925 punch to certify the purity of the silver , and punch "gs " or " germes " to certify that the has been created by Saveria Geronimi and comes from germes workshop


The stages of making a jewel is a minimum of 3 hours work and can be up to 10 hours depending on the difficulty of the design and the different cuts needed.





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